Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ok, I've been drinking....

My husband says I need a hobby. My husband also hates hearing me bitch about my job working in a grocery store bakery. I am a cake decorator. I love my job....don't get me wrong....but anyone who has ever worked in a grocery store knows one SUCKS!

At this point I would like to apologize if I don't make any sense cause like I said I have been drinking....

OK...I started a blog...but for it to make sense to anyone who hasn't worked in a grocery store deli, I need to explain A LOT. It would take way too much time to catch you guys up on all the shit that has been going on in the particular deli/bakery(which shall remain nameless), so I will just start off with the rant of the day: photo cakes.

What better way to start off my new blog than with my number one hated cakes design idea: photo cakes. I'm sure the person who developed the technology had the right idea.

"ooh I can eat....ME!"

Besides being creepy...think-you're cutting into your own loved ones face...the photo cake machines can serve useful purposes. I have used them to put images on a cake that I didn't have time to draw by hand. And I am fond of photos on cakes when they are significant...i.e. if the birthday boy is turing 50 and you put his first birthday photo, it's sweet...I get it. I'm not devoid of human emotions...i go "awwww" at puppies and kitties too.

However, you're second cousin at the NASCAR race half drunk on budweiser is NOT cute on a cake.

(I would also like to say at this time, unaware that I was staring a blog tonight, was not prepared with visual aids....HAVE NO FEAR! I will be posting pictures on upcoming blogs...)

And for anyone out there who is considering a photo cake for the upcoming graduation of a loved one....

They are called copyrights. Photographers have them....and you CANNOT have ME copy your son/daughters graduation picture without permission.
I have seen this over and over, and looking at said pictures I can understand that you are amazed that your spawn even graduated....but I still can't copy your picture legally...sorry!

ok...I guess I'm done ranting and raving till tomorrow...and trust me, you ain't seen nothing yet!

I'm just drinkin' and my 7&7 looks lonely...

till tomorrow kids!

The Buttercream Queen

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