Monday, April 19, 2010

Madame Buttercreme's pyschic hotline...

Hello all!

Everyday I receive calls for cake orders, and today I received an interesting one.

*ring ring*

me: "bakery this is (my name), how may I help you?"

customer(we shall call her Raspy because her voice sounded as if she smoked for 80 years): "Yes, I need to order a cake."

me: "sure, what day would you like to pick it up?"

raspy: "can I get it today?"

(at this point, I get irritated, like I always do when people call in last minute. Since it's Monday and I'm not busy, I get over it quickly....and I'll save my rant about last minute orders for another day.)

me: "sure, no problem, what would you like?"

(at this point I get all the basic info from her: size, icing, decorations and then we get to the writing...)

me: "OK ma'am, now what would you like written on it?"

(keep in mind, I know this customer and I know she puts EVERYONE'S name on her stupid cake, which is another pet peeve of mind, but again, I'll save that for another day.)

raspy: "Happy Birthday (kid). Love, Mom, Grandmom, (other guy), and (other guy).
But you forgot (kid)'s name on my last make sure you get everyone on there this time."

(WTF?!?!?!? this point I'm sure I have a bit a attitude...)

me: "well ma'am, I decorated your cake last time, and I assure you I wrote exactly what you told me to, so if (kid)'s name was not on the cake, it's because you didn't include (kid) in the order.

(and I finish the order, and hang up.)

Ya know, it probably was my fault. I didn't bring my psychic abilities to work that day, so I couldn't foresee that raspy forgot to include (kid) on her cake. Oh wait! Let me use my photographic memory so I can remember all of your family members for your NEXT cake...cause you, raspy, are the ONLY customer I's not like I have hundreds of orders every month....

...and by the memory SUCKS!!!


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