Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maybe you should ASK before you complain...

Slow day at work.

Did have one woman start to flip out on me because the tag on her cake said 1/2 sheet white cake...she ordered marble.

As the pink hair on her head started to steam, I explained to her that I print that tag, out of habit, and place it on every 1/2 sheet special order I make. It's just what I do. And in the two years I've worked for this store, it's never been a problem.

She still looked doubtful, like I DIDN'T decorate the damn thing.
Trust your cake decorator, people. If I decorated your cake, then I probably know what flavor it is.

Maybe you should spend more time trying to remember what your natural hair color is, cause I'm pretty sure it's not hot pink.

At least her hair matched her outfit...

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